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Risk Management

Prudent management of risk is fundamental to the success of any financial services business. Given the softening economic situation caused by low oil prices, several sectors of the economy are likely to face stress and as experience tells us, invariably impact balance sheets of banks.

In the risk management arena, we support senior management in many ways. We carry out independent Risk- Asset- Reviews of on- and off balance sheet assets. We conduct Risk Management Audits to test the robustness of the risk management structure in a bank. GBC assists customers in developing and installing risk management policies and practices, perform diagnostic review of clients book of business to assess adherence to established policies and bring to senior management attention shortcoming discovered.

Where shortcomings are identified, we can then help put in place a framework capable of early problem recognition, measuring, monitoring, and thereby managing and mitigating risks.

Representative Assignments

The following examples illustrate how the GBC team helps banks improve shortcomings in their risk management framework:

Credit Portfolio Review

Consumer Credit Cycle Management