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New Business Development

Market and Data analytical culture needs to be employed by Financial Institutions to identify business diversification opportunities.

A continuation of renting the balance sheet is no longer a safe bet to success.

Diversification of revenue sources has now become more essential than ever before.

There is a need for accurate analysis of new business opportunities where an institution’s business strengths are matched against market attractiveness.

There is a greater need to exploit attractive fee-based business opportunities. This allows maximization of returns while minimizing risk.

Analytical culture must be adopted by GCC financial institutions to identify business diversification opportunities.

Our Capability

GBC assists senior management with the sophisticated analytical skills necessary to take advantage of new business opportunities.

Our Associates have senior level experience with large international institutions. We can put together a multi-functional team focused on identifying and then developing new business initiatives in new geographies, new client segments and new product areas.

Representative Assignments

The following examples illustrate how the GBC team assists senior management to take advantage of new business opportunities:

New Direct Islamic Bank in North America

Cross-Border GCC Market Entry

New Product Development / Launch